Robert Cray

I Can't Fail(Chords)

Robert Cray

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Key: Em
G    Bm         Em  
You just never know  
G    Bm         Em 
How life will unfold 
          Am                      D       B 
Are the dreams we have just fairy tales 
Em             C        G 
Hope I'm wrong, I can't fail 
G    Bm         Em 
I see you work hard 
     G    Bm            Em 
And you rarely crack a smile 
       Am                    D    B 
Never weep when you're not well 
Em               C    G          D 
You're the reason I can't fail 
Em                 Bm 
I'm always by your side 
            C             G     D 
We've got a long story to tell 
Em                 Bm 
Just don't you be afraid 
               C      A            D 
Somehow we'll find us a brand new way 
G       Bm         Em 
Time's treated us kind 
                  G  Bm            Em 
We're lucky that we don't feel the course 
     Am               D                   B 
The road is sometimes filled with nails 
      Em     C   Em             C 
Just hold on... love is strong 
  Em              C     G 
You're the reason... I can't fail 

Solo Em  Bm  C  G  D 
       Em  Bm  C  A  D 
       G  Bm  Em  G  Bm  
       Em  Am  D  Bm 

Em      C  Em              C 
Hold on... Love is strong 
  Em              C           G   C  G 
You're the reason... I can't fail 
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