River Valley Church

When You Are Near(Chords)

River Valley Church

Key: Ab

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verse 1 

    Ab      Bb      Cm      Eb/G 
One thing I ask and I would seek 
   Ab            Bb     Eb/G 
To dwell in Your house O God 
   Ab    Bb       Cm        Eb/G 
My one request my heart's desire 
   Ab           Bb    Eb 
To glimpse Your glory now 

Ab Cm Bb Eb/G When You are near, I am made whole again Ab Cm Ab Eb When You are near, I'm not afraid anymore
verse 2 Ab Bb Cm Eb/G One thing I know and hold onto Ab Bb Eb/G You are my shield and strength Ab Bb Cm Eb/G My eyes have seen, my heart cries out Ab Bb Eb That You will never fail Bridge Bb Cm Your presence O God Ab Eb/G Changes everything, everything

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