Ritt Momney


Ritt Momney

Key: G
G              G7M   Em                D 
She said she's waiting for when she will break 
      Am          Am7 
Don't let it be today, 
Don't let it be today 
G              G7M  Em                  D 
'Cause her and I have things we'd like to try 
Some feelings she still hides 
Until she finds the wine 

( G  G7M  Em  D  C ) 

She's absolutely shameless 
Primeira Parte 

G             G7M  Em             D 
Just like the sky whenever it's too bright 
Sometimes it hurts my eyes 
    D7                   D7sus2 D7 
But I don't need my sight 
   G          G7M     Em              D 
If I feel her sass, and I can taste her laugh 
She's never really mad 
and she smiles when she is sad 
          G       G7M  Em   D 
She can't fool me 
          Am       D7 
She can't fool me 
            G        G7M   Em          D 
But she can take me away, or up any stairway 
The further we can stray 
The better are the days 
G      G7M         Em             D 
I am a flower that's never seen the sun 
  Am                 Am7 
I guess that I'm too young 
But the soil, it weighs a ton 
            G        G7M   Em   D 
And I can't breathe 
        Am  Am7    D7 
Uncover me 

( G  G7M  Em  D  Am  Am7  D7 ) 
( G  G7M  Em  D  Am  Am7  D7 ) 
( G  G7M  Em  D  Am  Am7  D7 ) 
( G  G7M  Em  D  Am  Am7  D7  G ) 

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