Rick Moranis

Nine More Gallons(Chords)

Rick Moranis

Key: D

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           A              E 
I work all day to pay the rent 
                   D                          A 
Before the money's earned, well it's all been allocated 
      F#m           D            A                E 
I got nothin' on my plate, but I wish that I were fat 
D         A                E         A 
Nine more gallons and I'll have me a hat 

        A                  E 
Workin' nights, I'm always tired 
          D                   A 
I hope my boss doesn't get me laid off 
     F#m             D           A             E 
It's hard to pull an empty load even if you're stuck 
D              A               E         A 
Seventeen more wheels and I'll have me a truck 
Chorus D A D Bm Two more times a lady, three more hundred blows D A B7 E Four more easy pieces, five more days on the road D A D A Seven more days a week now, eight more lives a cat D A E A Nine more gallons and I'll have me a hat
Verse A E Workin' weekends to pay the bills D A I wish I lived someplace like Beverly Sills F#m D A E I'd love to have her autograph right here on these checks D A E A Fifty-one more cards and I'll be playin' with a full deck

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