Ricardo Sanchez

Moving Forward(Chords)

Ricardo Sanchez

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Key: D
Intro:  D F#m  

A G F#m I'm not going back I'm moving ahead, I'm here to declare to You that G E A Em F#m my past is over, in You old things are made new, I surrender my life G G D D F#m E/G# to Christ, I'm moving, moving forward.
Verse 1: A G A F#m G E What a moment You have brought me to, such a freedom I have found A G A A F#m G in You, You?re the healer who makes all things new yeah yeah yeahhh Chorus Verse 2: A G A F#m G You have risen with all power in Your hands, You have given me a E A A G A F#m Em A F#m G second chance hallelujah hallelujah yeah yeah yeahhh yeah yeah yeahhh Chorus BRIDGE: D F#m D You make all things new and You make make all things new and I will A follow you forward
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