Reo Speedwagon

That Ain't Love(Chords)

Reo Speedwagon

Key: D

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	        Intro: B  B5  B  B5  Bb  G  A  F#m  B5  G  A  D  B5  G  A  D  B5  G  A  D  G 

A             B5                B            B5 
You tell me what you think I'm feelin', you know why I do 

what I do 
Why should you listen to a word I'm sayin', when it's 
already so clear to you 
    A         B5      B        B5 
You tell me 'bout my bad intentions, you doubt the very 

things I hold true 

                   A                            G 
I can no longer live with your misconceptions, baby all I 
an say to you, is 

D B5 F#5 D G A F#5 A That ain't love, I believe you've got the wrong emotion F#5 B5 G B5 A That ain't love, at least it doesn't feel like love to me G E5 A As long as I say what you wanna hear
F#5 B5 Do what you wanna do, be who you want me to be A G A B5 You think that's love, well baby that ain't love to me A B5 B B5 We've got to talk it over sometime, these feelings won't B B5 just disappear A G I'm just gonna keep telling you what's on my mind Even if it's not what you wanna hear B5 Oooh right now your world and mine are such different places Through yours I wander lost and confused And I feel like I'm speaking in a different language A G and the only words I haven't used, are
A D A D You keep tellin' me, you know a place where your life would be better A G You're makin' plans long-range E5 F#5 B5 G B5 But I don't know how you expect to get there, when you A refuse to change
Solo: A B5 G A B5 G A B5 G A F#5 G Ooh baby that ain't love, that ain't lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love That ain't love, oh no, baby that ain't love, that ain't love (that ain't love, that ain't love, that ain't love, oohoo)

Written by Reo Speedwagon

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