Remedy Drive


Remedy Drive

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Key: D
D                     G 
Has everything you've counted on 
         D                  A2 
Left you right here with no warning 
          D               G 
Have your dreams become invisible 
             D             A2 
Wait with me dear till the morning 
D          G        D     A 
Light will make the night burnout 

  D    Em   Bm          G 
  Hold on - daylight is coming 
  D            Em 
  To break the dawn 
  Bm          G 
  Daylight is coming 

D                       G 
The brightest stars are falling down 
D                   A2 
Is hope lost in the black skies 
D                         G 
The darkness must precede the dawn 
D                 A2 
Wait with me here till the sunrise 
D          G         D          A 
Light will make your night fade out 
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