Relient K

Candlelight (acoustic)(Chords)

Relient K

Key: E

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Capo on 6th fret

  Intro Riff 
  Guitar 1 

   Intro Riff 
   Guitar 2 (starting at the second part of Guitar 1's Intro Riff) 
    A2  E  A2 
Verse 1 E To know her, is to love her, I'm going undercover A2 E To catch a glimpse but not get caught But to see her, could be worse, If I don't get my head straight first A2 E On second thought I guess I'll not Pre-Chorus 1 Bb/C# A2 She's almost brighter than the sun E Seems to me to be unfair Bb/C# When you consider everyone A2 Who pales when they compare, when they compare
E Can?t hold a candle to her A2 Cause all the moths get in the way And they?ll begin to chew her E Entire attire until it frays For she outshines anyone whoever might Bb/C# A2 E Dare to bask in the same candlelight
Intro Riff Verse 2 E Oh please don?t seat us in the back, With all the insects and the trash A2 E She is a lady I?m the tramp Collecting stares from pairs close by, Then flutters in a butterfly A2 E Ew just a moth drawn to the lamp Pre-Chorus 2 Bb/C# A2 She?s like an ancient artifact E Something you?re lucky to have found Bb/C# She?ll pinch the nerves in all the necks A2 When she turns those heads around, those heads around Chorus Intro Riff 2x Chorus

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