Nuclear Cop(Chords)


Key: G
G                      D    G 

The sky is red and the earth is black  
            D               G  
1990 and we haven't looked back  
Load it on a jumbo, send it overseas  
                       D         G     
Got a lot of money now who needs trees ?  

G C G D We've all got jobs now, no more dole G C D Plenty of money now u-ra-ni-um's sold C G Well I'll ensure supply won't stop D G C D 'cause I'm Australia's Nuclear Cop
G I guard the world and its plain to see D G I'll look after you after looking after me G Of peace and safety I'll make sure D G At least until someone offers me more
G C G D We've all got boats, planes and more G C D Twenty-five fingers that's a bore C G I've got no brains but I'm right at the top D G C D 'cause I'm Australia's Nuclear Cop
G It's never been better in this land of dreams D G Cake and steak and American jeans G Stuart Highway's sealed at last D G They can get the ore to the airport fast
G C G D Adelaide galleries full of art G C D Nothing's too dear and for a start C G I'll come and inspect your uranium shop D G C D 'cause I'm Australia's Nuclear Cop
G They sprinkled the waste around Ayers rock D G And given the (dingos/tourists) a bit of a shock G It used to be a blackmans sacred site D G Now it glows like a neon light
G C G D Landscape like a Salvador Dali G C D We all spend our summers on Bali C G I used to be a farmer till my sheep all dropped D G C D Doug Anthony made me a Nuclear Cop
G Melt down, turn around, where do you hide? D G Can't let your children play outside G Put your Geiger counter near your airtight door D G Watch it jiggle and hear it roar
G C G D There's so much to celebrate G C D Living in Australia's uranium state C G Parliament House is Leukemia Lodge D G C D And standing at the door is a Nuclear Cop!

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