Critique In G(Chords)


Key: G
Redgum - Critique in G 
From the Album: If you don't fight you lose 

One of my favourite songs from an underrated band!  
The chords are easy, however the timing is fast. 


G C G C G D G  

verse 1 
G                               C              G                 C 
 There's a bastard called the economy and it keeps poor people poor  
            Em                Am          C              D 
 While the fat cats with the money go on making more and more  
           C               G          C               G   
 They've wrapped him in bandages to hide his gaping sores 
 Em           Am                  C             G    
 So we can't see that he's just rotten to the core  
              C               D                        Em        C 
 Oh they've pumped him with medicine perscribed by good old Dr Keynes  
      G              D                C                  G  C G C G D G 
 No matter what they do we all get ripped off just the same  

verse 2 

 The liberals slugged us twenty-three years until we'd had enough  
 Everyone got sick of them so brought in uncle Gough  
 Then he got sacked now Malcolm's back  
 The neighbour of Nareen  
 Got the biggest election that Tammy's ever seen  
 Oh it doesn't matter who's in power cause it's a crooked game  
 It's a sure bet we will all get ripped off just the same  

 The economy's a mad machine which no one can control  
 Fat cats fight for the driver's seat but the steering wheel's been sold  
 To the yanks and other foreigners who'll give it a dizzy spin  
 Any time they feel their ripped off pockets getting thin  
 Oh a little touch of makeup it's such a goddamn shame  
 It's a sure bet we will all get ripped off just the same  

 Oh there's no two ways about it if we all don't force a change  
 It goes on and on and we get ripped off just the same 

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