Rebeka Klain


Rebeka Klain

Key: C

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	        C             Am                      Em  
Im so far from where you want me to be  
You are blind so am I   
But you are seen  
              Am                  Em  
I dont want to be annoying but please  
             F                            C  
Look at me, give me your hand and youll see  

              Am                    Em  
Pretty face, pretty soul, blue eyes  
                F.                    C  
Pretty hands, pretty clothes, so wise  
         Am       Em  
Ripped jeans, my heart  
Would I ever let you go sometimes?  
  Am                 Em                     F   
Cause you cant see me when Im right here  
  Am              Em                       F  
And I cant reach you when Im right here  
     C              Am           Em  
You got me feeling like a psycho  
Youre perfect for me there is no typo  
   C      Am     Em  
24\7 Im hiding  
You are the queen of my anxiety

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