In The City(Chords)


Key: E

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	        Intro: E D E D A x 2 

Verse 1 
E	D 
It?s a close one, a real close one, 
E	  D	A	E 
  But no-one gets hurt and she?s got twice the fun  
Now they kiss in the rain 
E		D 
  And did someone call out someone?s name 
A	      E			D 
From a white Cadillac on a white wind to a white dress 
	E	D	A	E 
Across the great divide into the warm and light 

The verses are all like that 

			E	D 
And I was looking for you 
E		D	A 
Looking for you 
E	D	E 
Looking for you in the city last night

Written by Johnny Borrell

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