Ray Noble

Midnight, The Stars And You(Chords)

Ray Noble

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Key: D
D7M D6    D7M          D6         G  G7M  G6  G5 
Midnight,     with the stars and you; 
A7sus4  A7    Em7     A7      D7M     Fdim  G  Gdim 
Midnight,        and a rendezvous. 
Fdim      G  Gdim        B7     E7/9 E7 
Your     eyes     held a message tender, 
        Bm5-/7  E7/13    E7         G/B     A7  Em7  A7  A7/13- 
Saying, 'I   surrender    all my love to you.' 
D7M    D6  D7M             D6      G  G7M  G6  G5 
Midnight       brought us sweet romance, 
A7sus4  A7   Em7        A7         B7      Cdim   B7 
 I      know    all my whole life through 
G9       Gdim          Gm7 
I'll be remembering you,  
D7M      F#7    B7 
Whatever else I do, 
Em7 A7  Em7         Em7/9  A7  D 
Midnight   with  the  stars  and  you. 
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