Ray Charles

Born To Be Blue(Chords)

Ray Charles

Key: G

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G          Bb9   Cm5-/7       G  
Some folks were meant to live in clover 
   G      Bb9        Am7   D7  
But they are such a chosen few  
   G          Cm     G         G6   Cm5-/7  
And clover, being green, is something I've never seen 
     G   Cm7        D9    D7  
'Cause I was born to be blue 
   G      Bb9   Cm5-/7  G  
When there's a yellow moon above me 
   G      Bb9           Am7   D7  
They say that moon beams I should view 
 G            Cm     G       G6      Cm5-/7  
But moon beams, being gold, are something I can't behold 
    G     Am7   D7     G  
'Cause I was born to be blue  
Am7    D7       Am7            D7  
When I met you, the world was bright and sunny  
Am7    D9       D7      G  
When you left, the curtain fell 
E7        A7            E7       A7  
I want to laugh, but nothing strikes me funny 
A7          Am7     D9  Am7 D7  
Now my world's a faded pastel  
      G       Bb9     Cm5-/7  G  
Well, I guess I'm luckier than some folks   
G        Bb9           Am7     D7  
I've known the thrill of loving you  
 G         Cm       G      G6     Cm5-/7  
And that alone is more than I was created for  
    G     Am7   D7   G  
'Cause I was born to be blue

Written by Bob Wells and Mel Tormé

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