Go All The Way(Chords)


Key: A
	Intro riff 1 {4X}: 

        A5 Asus4 A    A  Asus4          A5 Asus4 A    A  Asus4 
	------------------------        -12-10-9------9--10-10--| 
	-17-15-14-----14-15-15--        -10-10-10-----10-10-10--| 
	-14-14-14-----14-14-14--        -9--9--9------9--9--9---| 
	-14-14-14-----14-14-14--        -7--7--7------7--7--7---| 
	-0----------------------        -0----------------------| 
	------------------------        ------------------------| 
	{^ let ring (3rd, 4th time only)} 

	Intro riff 2 {3X:} 

	                        A  Asus4 {see above} 
	             {^ let ring} 


verse 1: C Am Dm7 I never knew how complete life could be /C Bm7/5- E Til' she kissed me and said, baby
A F#m D C#m Bm Please (baby) go all the way E C#m F# It feels so right (feels so right) Bm Dm E Being with you here tonight A F#m D C#m Bm Please (baby) go all the way E C#m F# Just hold me close (hold me close) Bm Dm {1: G6 2, 3: E Don't ever let me go (don't let me go)
verse 2: I couldn't say what I wanted to say 'Til she whispered, 'I love you' so {repeat Chorus} {repeat intro riff #1 (2X)} Bridge: A Asus4 A Asus4 A variants as per Riff 2} Before her love I was cruel and mean A F G A I had a hole in the place where my heart should've been A Asus4 A Asus4 Now I'm changed and it feels so strange A F G A B I come alive when she says all those things to me E And she says A (Come on) come on E A (Come on) come on D I need you (come on) G I love you (come on) C Esus4 E I need you (come on) {repeat Chorus} {repeat Intro Riff #1 (3X); end cold on A

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