Ramshackle Glory

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Ramshackle Glory

Key: G

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	        G     B7          Em      C 
And I dreamt of a city on fire, 
G       B7     C      D  
Woke up to one intact. 
G       B7             Em          C 
Made it halfway on the walk to the grocery store, 
G      B7       C    D 
Before I turned back. 
G                       B7 
We could walk until the concrete ends, 
Em                  C    
Quit work until the money's all spent. 
G                        B7                  Em             B7 
But how long until we're walking back to the plasma clinic again? 
G          B7              Em                          C             
The bosses we want off our backs are everywhere we can run, 
G                                        B7                       Em                    B7 
So if there's a way out if there's a way out if there's a way out then it's not on our own, no no. 

Repeat that pattern for the second verse etc.  

And I dreamt of the needles to come, 
And I woke up afraid, 
Mad enough to burn down the radio, 
That woke me up this way. 
I could walk when the bus lines end, 
Shoot dope until the money's all spent 
But how long until I'm walking back, 
To check into detox again? 
The monkey I want off my back is everywhere I can run, 
So if there's a way out then it's not on my own. 
There's a way out but it's not on my-her-his-their-our own.
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