Rainbow Kitten Surprise


Rainbow Kitten Surprise

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Key: G

Verse 1:

G I'm a master of Matchbox guitar sessions G You're a master of passive-aggressive magic tricks G Bm G C Like, that's not a card that I would've picked but it's your life to live like how you'd like to live G You're the type of cool that likes to talk a lot G I'm the type of fool to listen G Bm G They say a wise man lends his ears but not his thoughts often N.C. The same is true of undercover cops

Verse 2:

G Em And the undercover bubbler got me doubly high as heaven G C We're still under the radar, seven billion on the planet G Wading straight to the moon Em Salutations to Apollo G C While the Mission To Mars is surely soon to follow G Em And you bit my lip when I kissed you G C I bit my tongue not to tell you that I miss you Em D We shared my blood for an instant and I would trade some more to have it back G C C Yeah I would trade all of this for that

Verse 3:

G Em G C I'm in the back of a fifteen passenger van doing an expose on feelings I don't fully understand G Em Started a Matchbox guitar slow jam G C With hope just as large as the room in my car G Em G C My career went as far as the can that I kicked down the road for awhile until I'm just settled in G Em Hold it for change from charitable donors like G C Excuse me sir, miss could you spare a moment to...

Verse 4:

G SUPPORT LOCAL SUPPORT LOCAL Em I know I should've been more vocal G Sure, I could've been more social C I've been hanging out it's a short rope though G Em It's been awhile I should've wrote but I'm going postal Em I'm GOING POSTAL D I've been coasting C G I've been coping okay for the most part
G Em Everybody I know wants to be a star G C Just above the atmosphere flying high G Em Just above the average fear to try D C G Keeping me grounded, holding me down for miles G Em Everybody I know wants the gleam G C In designer tops and ten dollar magazines G Em D Infatuated with the beams, you go crazy when I speak C Aggravated when I say what I mean C I mean, I mean

Verse 5:

N.C. You see, is that G I'm a master of Matchbox guitar sessions G You're a master of passive aggressive magic tricks G Bm G N.C. Like: that's not the card that I would've picked but it's your life to live like you'd like to live G Em You're the master of Matlock lock picking lessons G C I'm the asshole who keeps laughing at our predicaments G Em Like this ain't the life that I should've picked D C But it's the cards we're dealt we play with G Shit
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