Sleep In The Heat(Chords)


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Key: Eb
Intro E  A  B  C#m 
        A  C#m  B   
        E  A  B  C#m 
        A  C#m  B  

E A I was feeling a little bizarre B C#m E The day that I buried my family car A B C#m In the scrapmetal wrecking yard E A And I've said so many goodbyes B C#m B In the 25 years that I've been alive E A B E And I don't know why this one was so hard
A E And everytime when I go back to my apartment B C#m All I wanna do is get stoned A E And I'm sick and tired of blacking out on my carpet B And waking up all on my own So I brought you home
( E A B C#m ) ( A C#m B E ) ( E A B C#m ) ( A C#m B E ) E A You started falling apart B C#m 6 months after you moved in E A And I shoulda known from the start B E That things would be different E A It's not something that I can fix B C#m B If I could do anything you know I would E A If this fucking vacation would come to an end B E Maybe then you'd be normal again
A E Last week when I went back to my apartment B C#m You were lookin' so stoned A E The day after Christmas you acted so different B You just wanted to be on your own A So I bought you medicine E Went to the vet and B C#m Cashed all of my savings and loans A B But it was too late You were letting go
( E A B ) ( C#m B ) ( E A B ) ( C#m B E ) A And nothing I say B Will make it ok C#m B You just sleep in the heat and repeat E You're wasting away A B And nothing I do is gonna save you B I'm trying my best but you can't even C#m Look at me or talk to me B E Or tell me what's happening to you
A E Yesterday I went back to my apartment B C#m To see how you've been holding up A E You hadn't been eating, I thought you were sleeping but B You're not waking up A E I want you to know thay I'd spend every bit of my B C#m Pitiful savings and loans A B Just to see you again But I know I won't
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