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Heroes And Losers(Chords)

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Key: Bm

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        Heroes and Losers 
Time signature: 6/8 
Key signature: Bm 

Bm			G 
imagine the leaving of you behind 
	    Em				F# 
like some ebbing of tide bringing you along for the ride 
Bm			     G 
and if your dreams should find you some day 
	    Em 		    F#	 
would you go? would you stay? 
G		D 
dreams can't follow you 
you take 'em and go, get up and go 
make them breathe 
G	  D		A		     F#	G	A 
don't be fooled, cause nothing can stop you now 
Bm			G 
when where things so ever black and white 
	    Em				F# 
are we heroes everyday or losers in every action 
Bm			     G 
grab a hold of everything you want 
                Em 		    F#	 
are you ready? are you ready?
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