Pirates City

Rum Nights(Chords)

Pirates City

Key: Em

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Em                             Am 
Grabbed my bag and slammed the door. 
Em                             Am      Bm 
My feelings left behind and a word to explore. 

Em  Em  Am  Em 
Em  Am  Bm G D 

Verse 1:

Em Am Em I had nothing inside my mind. Em Am Bm Em No one to confront me, and none to say goodbye. Em Am Em I walked through town, my vision short. Em Am Bm G D I wouldn't stop for nothing till I got to the port.

Verse 2:

Em Am Em The road was dark, no lights ahead. Em Am Bm Em I mummbled through my lips, 'I hope this town was dead'. Em Am Em Was almost there, next to the shore. Em Am Bm G D Until I heard a voice, that I couldn't ignore.
C G D Waves come crashing down. C G D As I'm leaving town. C G D I didn't feel I'd miss a thing, D C until the moment I saw you running to catch me. C G D With those watering eyes C G D (With those watering eyes)
Interlude: Em Em Am Em Em Am Bm G D

Verse 3:

Em Am Em I found a new way to survive. Em Am Bm Em Filled with determination, my dreams could come alive. Em Am Em But as the distant shore just fades Am Bm G I hear the wake up call, I have to get away (I have to get away now)


Em So many people around, so many places i've found. Am Bm The thoughts just spin in my head, what if tommorrow I'm dead? Em I'd never call this place my home. Em My head stuck between my feet, I get up clenching my teeth. Am Bm The days go by with the wind, I have a promise to keep. Em But is there someone that remembers?
C G D In the crack of dawn. C G D Rumors still untold. C G D Grab my pen and write them down, D there's a reason even if you're not around. C G D And the story still goes C G D (And the story still goes)
Interlude: Em C G Bm Em C G Bm


Em C And as I go with the time, the pictures I've left behind, G are taunting me to go back, I wish I had some more luck. Bm I'm so sorry, I didn't say goodbye. Em C I've grown in body and mind, the fire inside was alive. G But I will never regret, the way that this time was spent. Bm I think it's time to catch up with you tonight.
C G D Travelled many miles. C G D Saw a thousand smiles. C G D D But no one took your place its true, C and in the end it was only me and you. G D Silhouettes in the dark G D (Silhouettes in the dark)

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