Pierce The Veil

Yeah Boy And Doll Face(Chords)

Pierce The Veil

Key: E

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Were you honest when you said 
          B                Ab  
'I could never leave your bed' 
       C#m                                B      Ab  
Wake me up and let me know you're alive 
And will you fall in love again 
       B                 Ab  
Is the scent slowly spreading 
          C#m                     B        Ab 
I've been answering machines all night 

And are the doctors dancing in 
While the ambulances sing 
E                             Am 
Another boy without a sharper knife 
The moment, that's where I 
Kill the conversation 
Wrap this up 
With a knife that loves to feel 
           B                 Ab  
How do you know how deep to go before it's real 
Take me     home 
Can I even 
B                  Ab  
complicate your breathing 
C#m               C#m              B 
    I guess I'm just your average boy 
This is me 
With a knife in the back 
And a grip on the grass 
              (no chord)         
It's cold and I don't want to be here 
C#m                           B                Ab 
    I guess I'm never comfortable or situational 

F#            Ab 
Are we losing or beginning 
E                         Am 
To try a new life without you 
The moment, that's where I 
Kill the conversation 
Wrap this up 
       C#m                         B               Ab  
With a lie that I'm enjoying every minute with myself 
C#m                          A  
And she could make hell feel just like home 
C#m                       B 
So I'm never leaving her alone 
            F#5                    Ab 
But if your lightning lips aren't mine 
            C#m                B              Ab  
Then I don't know the awkward stranger to my right 
But she's crying 
       F#               Ab 
I only need one hand to drive 
            C#m  B  A 
When you're with me 

C#m           B   A 
   You're my getaway 
Oh no 

B                       A 
And don't you ever feel alone 

B                            A 
And don't you wish you were home 

C#m                    Abm 
Cut the lust tonight 

Alright, alright tell me why my 
Little Mona Lisa told a lie 
Do you want me 
                       B                Ab 
Do you want to let me know that you're ok 
A diamond gold ring 
      B                Ab 
Customized to cut your circulation 
But I couldn't let you go 
    B               Ab 
No, I never let you go my dear 
C#m                         B                  Ab 
    So keep talking cause I love to hear your voice 

     A     E  A  E 
Your voice again

Written by Mike Fuentes/Victor Fuentes

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