Pete Murray

Let You Go(Chords)

Pete Murray

Key: C#
Here are the chords. 
Pete Murray plays the D and G string using his ring finger, pressing the same fret with  
the same finger on both strings. 
On the C# chord his middle finger plays the E string on the 9th fret. Same for the  
Ab and F# 

Intro: C#,E 

It's been four long years gone by now 
Can see the shape I'm in 
Rest assured I'm on my way 
How'd you get me to the place I been 
Only you know it's always faith 
Now all my faith's in a spin 
As I'm almost on my way 
Now please take me right in 

         Ab                   F# 
Because every word has been a moment in time 
              Ab                      F# 
You're like a poem that's caught in my head 
           Ab                      F# 
I curse the day when I'll see that lonely smile 
         G#                   F# (keep playing until first 'Let you go') 
But it's better than playin' pretend 

And I know, yes I know 

That I have to 

C# E Let you go, let you go, C# E Let you go, just like I want you to stay C# E Let you go, let you go C# E Let you go, just like I want you to stay
Verse2: C# It's the time now, it's all there E It's way out, that's been wearin' me thin C# I stop right now and say bye to all this E And take it right on the chin C# Only you know that when your faith's out E A new faith will begin C# As the darkness slowly fades now E Come let the light in Repeat Bridge and Chorus Guitar solo (play same as Intro x4) Repeat Bridge and Chorus

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