Pete Murray

King Tide(Chords)

Pete Murray

Key: C

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	        Intro 2x: C F 

C       F C              F 
Yesterday young and free 
C               F 
Your first kiss 
C                F    G 
You gave it all to me 
              F                      C   F    C   F 
Now I'm holding all my gold for free 

C           F C            F 
Sudden dream a small thing 
C             F C          F        G 
Makes me laugh and it makes me sing 
        F                          C 
Never knew what this love would bring 
G                  F                    C  F   C   Em 
Now you have turned all my winters spring 

Em                        F 
Now I'm changing all my loneliness 
I'm changing it all for happiness 
And I can feel this emptiness slowly fade away 

Solo 4x: C  F 

C           F  C           F 
Just one look in your eyes 
C           F 
My best friend 
 C             F   G 
You just make me fly 
     F                         C 
And I never want to end this flight 

     G         F                     C 
Now I'm - I'm riding on my own king tide (x2) 

( C  F ) (2x) 

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