Peking Duk


Peking Duk

Key: Bb
Eb         Gm          F 
See you talking like that 
                       Cm     Eb 
It's a problem I can't try to explain 
Gm      F 
Driving away, see on my face I just wanna come back 
        Gm  F                    Cm         
Even if I lie, I get so tired of getting a taste 
Gm            F                              Gm     Dm          
Trying to gauge, how long it takes till I'm running home fast 
D#           F                            Bb 
Wherever you are, I've been waiting for a long time 
And I'll try whatever you want 
Cm       Gm      F 
I can't wait anymore 
I've been waiting for you all night 
Eb                       Bb 
But I can't get you to stay 
Cm                         F               Bb 
With night calls and chemicals, I'm lying awake 
I can't call you anymore, can't wash you away 
Cm                      F                        Bb 
The light's off, forget it all, can't get you stay 
                        Eb     Bb 
With night calls and chemicals 

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