Paul Overstreet

I Think She Only Loves Me For My Willie(Chords)

Paul Overstreet

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Key: E

Well; we were pickin' in a honky-tonk in Austin. 
This girl came up and bought the band a round. 
I said 'Can we play something for you, darlin' 
          F#                                   B      
Before we give last call and shut this ole bar down'? 
And then she asked; 'Can you play me Whiskey River'? 
I turned around and said boys, kick er off in A 
And I did my best impersonation for her 
     B               A               E 
That one performance stole her heart away 
A E But I think she only loves me for my Willie A E Something about my Willie turns her on A E Its not all that extraordinary really F# B But its better than my Haggard and my Jones A E Its a little thing and you might think its silly Fm A Ah, but you can bet its always on her mind E -> C# Yeah I think she only loves me for my Willie F# B E She keeps askin for my willie all the time
E We got in my truck and headed out for breakfast A I stuck in my willie CD E Youd of thought that I was drivin' in a Lexus F# B The way she scooted-over And snuggled up to me E I said 'Honey, Can you tell me why youre with me'? A She thought about it hard and then she said E 'Its just your personality that gets me' F# B E, A, E... But the naked truth kept poundin' in my head G# Abm CHORUS * LEAD: ------------------------------- E A E F# B --------------------------------------- E She begged me not to go on the road again A Leave her blue eyes cryin in the rain E She swears that these four walls will drive her crazy A B E If I go out there singin for all those girls Ive loved before again CHORUS: E A All the time E All the time F# B E Yeah she keeps beggin for my willie all the time
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