Paul McCartney

The long and winding road(Chords)

Paul McCartney

Key: Cm

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    Cm      Gm           Ab/Bb 
The long and winding road 
      Eb   Eb7      Ab 
that leads to your door 
     Gm          Cm 
Will never disappear 
Fm             Bb7         Eb7(4) Eb7 
I've seen that road before 
Ab Gm      Cm 
It always leads me here 
Fm      Bb7      Eb 
Lead me to your door 
The wild and windy night 
that the rain washed away 
Has left a pool of tears 
Crying for the day 
Why leave me standing here 
Let me know the way 
Eb/Bb            Ab 
Many times I've been alone and 
Eb/G              Fm  Bb7 
many times I've cried 
Eb/Bb         Ab 
Anyway you'll never know the 
Eb/G             Fm     Bb7 
many ways I've tried but 
still they lead me back 
to the long winding road 
You left me standing here 
A long long time ago 
Don't leave me waiting here 
Lead me to your door 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


Written by Lennon & Mc Cartney

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