Paul McCartney

Dress Me Up As A Robber(Chords)

Paul McCartney

Key: Em

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Well, you can dress me up as a robber 
but I won?t be in disguise. 
Only love is a robber, 
and he lives within your eyes. 
 Dm  Em 
Ooh, ooh, eee, ooh. 

You can dress me up as a sailor, 
but I?ll never run to sea 
as long as your love is available to me. 
What do I do with a sea of 
Blue? Ooh, eee, ooh. 

Inter: con acordes de la 1 estrofa. 

Dressing me up, 
it doesn?t make a difference. 
What you want to do, 
Whichever way you look at it 
I?m still in love with you. 
If we go on forever 
I may never make a change. 

Em  A 

Dressing me up, 
and if I don?t convince you 
you needn?t look too far 
to see that I?m not lying. 
?Cos I love you the way you are 
and what?s the point of changing 
when I?m happy as I am? 

Well, you can dress me up as a soldier, 
but I wouldn?t know what for. 
I was the one that told you he loved you. 
Don?t wanna go to another 
War. No, no, no.

Written by Paul McCartney

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