Paul and Storm

The Easter Song(Chords)

Paul and Storm

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Key: E

Verse 1:

E A Easter time is here again and it?s the day we celebrate E B The morning that the Easter Bunny rises from the grave C#m F# And if he sees his shadow then it?s six more weeks of winter A B E C#m If he doesn?t see it, everyone gets Cadbury Crème Eggs A B E And he never sees his shadow, thank the Lord

Verse 2:

E A Moses and the Hebrews never celebrated Easter E B They were busy building pyramids and matzoh for the Greeks C#m F# So that night they set the Pharaoh?s clocks ahead one hour A B E C#m And they all escaped, and that?s why we put colored eggs in baskets A B E With jellybeans and neon plastic grass

Verse 3:

E A Plus there was that final supper with the twelve Apostles E B But the word in Aramaic for ?apostles? is ?apeeps? C#m F# And that is how they got the name for those marshmallow treats A B E C#m So every time you eat those little yellow chicks and bunnies A B E You actually are swallowing Apostles

Verse 4:

E A So that?s the Easter story even though we didn?t mention E B Anything about the burning bush or chocolate-covered Popes C#m F# You might want to do a bit more research on the details A B E C#m ?cause in truth I mostly slept my way through Sunday school A B E But at least I?m pretty sure that?s how it goes
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