Parquet Courts

Black And White(Chords)

Parquet Courts

Key: E

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Intro:  E   G (12x)  


G          E   
Nothing makes my heart so wild as being  

G       E                     G 
In possession of a potent night,  

E                                    G 
Racing down the stairs in a nude descension  

Shedding and discarding my hide  

G        A                             C 
But the bold strokes crack so quickly and it's  

A                    G 
Often that I wonder why  

E                                       G                           
Dripping at the slow motion rate of surrender  

Hanging to my bones as they dry  

G         D 
How could I want something more  

than a new hell in which to fry  

G      E                          G 
When I see in only black and white  

Bridge:  E   G   (x4)  


G          E   
There?s a sinful sort of side of being  

G         E                        G  
so contained, A bit like being lost.  

E                                                      G 
Stumbling through the background like a small town loner  

E                                  G 
quietly a whispering my thoughts into  

A                                C 
my cupped hands, folded and monk-like,  

A                                 G 
at least thats what i've always said.  

E                                              G 
How does writing letters from the lonely margins  

feel when there is no hair on my head?  

G       D                       A                      
Is the solitude I seek a trap where i've been blindly led?  

   G       E                         G  
Tell me, where then do I go instead? 

Solo:  E     G   (x13)  


G     E 
When atonement comes in distant waves  

G        E                         G  
I might wait until the next to break  

E                                               G     
choking through forgiveness at a sun fly prompter  

staring through the back of my face.  

G      A                          C                  
It's a vulgar, hidden part of being  

A                             G 
tethered to the world right now;  

E                                        G 
spending all my dollars to remain a member,  

nothing in my eyes but a scowl.  

G      D                         A              
Do i bother to define myself beyond what they allow?  

G     E                      G 
Have I already forgotten how?  

Outro:  E   G   (x3) 
Then hang on G for a while, then end on E.

Written by Andrew Savage,austin Brown,max Savage,sean Yeaton

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