Parachute Band

The Way(Chords)

Parachute Band

Key: A
Capo on 2nd fret
verse 1 
verse 2 
Chorus (2x) 
bridge intro (8x) 
bridge (6x) 
Chorus (2x) 

intro:    A-D2 (8x)   
          A-D2-F#m-D2 (2x) 

verse 1 
A                              D2 
we believe that jesus you are God. 
     F#m	                      D2 
you reign in heaven and you reign on earth. 
	 E	       F#m 
for you came to make a way for us. 
    D	           E 
you opened up the door of grace. 
Bm7		                  D2 
Jesus it's your name that we proclaim. 

Chorus (2x) 
     A	                   Bm7 
for you are the way that's everlasting. 
F#m	                  D2 
giving it all to set us free. 
     A	 		  Bm7		  G 
the truth, the life, the one you are the way. 

verse 2 
    A	           	             D2 
we wont look to the left or to the right. 
    F#m		                 D2 
you are the one we fix our eyes upon. 
        E	     F#m 
for we run the race before us now. 
    D	             E 
in you we find our great reward. 
Bm7	                         D2 
jesus it's your name that we proclaim. 

Chorus (2x) 

bridge intro :  A (8x) 

bridge (6x) 

outro :  A-D2-F#m-D2 (2x) 

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