Papa Bear

Cherish The Love(Chords)

Papa Bear

Key: F#m

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  F#m                   E     D                  C#m      Bm                       D              E 
F#m As far back as I remember, the gameґs been played E Boy chace girl and girl dissed da boy. D But thereґs only one exception to da rule C#m and that is loot and a whole big bag of it. Bm Now, Iґm speaking from experience, and when youґre broke you know you get no skiniens. D And if you lucky like Luciano, now hereґs my motto, E Lay it one by one and make sure itґs legato. F#m Straight up macin in a rental, now see me smile. E My clothes are all from marshalls and I got my game tight. D And prayin` that the gold stays on my ring C#m and if not Iґll spray that shit on, again. Bm Itґs all good, I learned how to roll with da punches in order for me to get a little somethinґ-somethinґ. D It wasnґt da bomb, but, Yo, I ainґt complaininґ. E I thank the lord and so I cherish it, oh. A Cherish the love we have Bm We should cherish the life we live. D A E Cherish the love, cherish the love, cherish the love. A Cherish the love we have Bm For as long as we both shall live. D A Cherish the love, cherish the love, cherish the love. E Oh, aha, yeah. F#m E I often pray before I lay down by your side. Bm If you received your calling before i awake. A E could I make it trough the might.
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