Owen Temple

Listing To The Am(Chords)

Owen Temple

Key: F

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Capo on 1st fret
I pulled out of Charleston West Virginia 
In the middle of the night 
I made it down to Nashville town 
When the sun was shining bright 
I?m headed out west on a four day run 
And I?ve got to make pretty good time 
I gotta make a living livin? 
           B7                    E 
My life chasing down a broken white line 
A                            B7                 E 
So I ride this road and I try to get where I?m going 
A                         B7                     E 
A cup of coffee and thoughts of home are all that help 
A                          B7           C#m 
And I?ll spend another midnight early morning 
E                       B7            E 
Listening to the AM and talking to myself 
Now Kingman Arizona?s  
Just three hundred miles away from old LA 
And I stopped to take a nap in Flagstaff 
But I?ve still got to drive all day 
And when the sun sets out 
On the desert you never seen such a beautiful sight 
But at two AM in the desert man 
You never seen a blacker night 
Well I made it ino LA 
Just about the time I swore I had to get off the road 
And I checked in to a motor inn 
I turned the air condition way down cold 
I slept all day then I woke up around about ten PM 
I grabbed a bite to eat at a little café 
Then I hit the road again

Written by Owen Temple

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