Over The Garden Wall

Frog's Lullaby(Chords)

Over The Garden Wall

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Key: Bb
Bb                            Cm                               
At night, when the lake, is a mirror 
        Dm                          Cm 
And the moon rides the waves to the shore 
  D7                   Gm 
A single soul sets his voice singing 
Cm                     F 
Content to be slightly forlorn 

  Bb                  Cm 
A song rises over the lilies 
       Dm                     Cm 
Sweeps high to clear over the reeds 
    D7                  Gm 
And over the bulrushes' swaying 
   Cm                      F 
To pluck at a pair of heartstrings 

    F                   Bb 
Two voices now they are singing 
     A7                Dm 
Then ten as the melody soars 
          G#                       Gm         Cm 
Round the shimmering pond, all are joining in song 

      Cm                    Fm 
As it carries their reverie on 
Bb                    Cm 
Over the treetops and mountains 
Dm                   Cm 
Over the blackened ravines 
     D7                   Gm 
Then softly it falls by a house near a stream 
    Cm              F 
And over the garden wall 
To thee 
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