Oren Lavie

A Dream Within A Dream(Chords)

Oren Lavie

Key: Am

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The road stretches on from unknown destination 
Across open streams through fields of carnations 
   Am                                      F9 
It enters a city, a building, it stretches ahead 
                E7                    Am 
It stops at the feet, the feet of his bed 
He's aware of a small inclination 
A dream in a dream , he pays no attention 
Am                                  F 
Oranges hover and faces all over he knows 
Is how the dream goes 

Am C D F F9 Caught within a dream within a dream Bb Am A man within a man Am C F Dm6 Caught within a thought within a thought F Em7 A notion so deep, he will drown in his sleep
Am The wind whistles lower and the windows are yielding F The telephone rings in the opposite building Am F A voice with a likable, unrecognizable air E7 Am It runs in the walls, it isn't quite there Am He's aware of a change in the weather F A dream in a dream , he'll think of it later Am F A wonderful melody line that he couldn't quite get E7 F He couldn't remember, he'd never forget Chorus

Written by Oren Lavie

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