Olly Murs

Ask Me To Stay(Chords)

Olly Murs

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Key: F
Intro    F     G    F   G 

  F                                     G 
Sat on my bed and looked in my eyes  
  F                                     G 
Saw I was grieving for some other time  
  F                                           G 
Stood on my breath and moved close to say  
  F                                              G 
Oh won't you love me let's walk out to play  

 C                  G                               
Ooh we caught the moon from the sky  
                                                 F                         G 
And wrapped it up with the love that we found in our eyes  
         F                              G 
And if the words don't tell me you love me  
           C                   F 
And if the night won't hold us as one  
   	         F                   G 
Now there is nothing left that can numb me  
         F                   G 
Do you love me or do I run  
           F            G 
Why don't you ask me to stay?  
       F   G 
Ask me to stay   
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