No Use For a Name

The Answer Is Still No(Chords)

No Use For a Name

Key: Am

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	        Am                            C 
I couldn't understand why you left me standing here, 
       F                             Dm 
Flickering out like a candle in the wind. 
G                                           Am 
The memories are laced with shame, there's no intention 
Dm              G             F          C 
Working out the problems that remain the same. 

C                                G 
Little children standing in the hall, 
Am                G            D 
Never taught them anything at all. 
       F                               C 
And if you were young again, would you do it different? 
    G                                     E                          
Or make your way just trying to find the fiction in the fact of life? 

C G F G E 

Am                                 C 
Try to believe the words that you said to me are true, 
     F                                Dm 
But something else assures me I'm not through. 
G                              Am 
Been denied so many times, and so I'm told to 
Dm              G             F          C 
Sit back and ignore the truth, enjoy the ride, yeah. 

C                              G 
Never took a hand with her to school. 
Am                G                 D 
Take a guess and tell us who's the fool. 
     F                               C 
And you're not supposed to be my responsibility; 
G                                     E 
One day you'll regain your pride, and realize life is too short not  
 to try. 
      G       F       G 
Does anybody care? 
    E            C G F G  
Does anybody... 
E        Am 
Does anybody care?

Written by No Use for a Name

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