No Use For a Name

I Want To Be Wrong (acoustic)(Chords)

No Use For a Name

Key: Am

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Am                           E   
Let me introduce myself, my name is no concern 
    E                              Am           G 
The room is filled with superficial voices 
F                                 G 
As the smoke clears I can see one hundred little lies 
E                          Am          G 
Racing to the finish for a consolation prize 

C I want to be wrong G Am G F I wish that I was uncertain just like yesterday C G This is not who I am, been planning my escape F G Am So long now that my map looks like a maze
Bridge G Am E Are you confusing me with someone else you hardly even know? F G I'm sitting here observing and more often I am learning E Am F Fm That you are an artist and this is your show... so sing it

Written by Tony Sly

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