No Thanx


No Thanx

Key: C

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C                               F 
Spent a lot of time thinking of you 
       G                             C 
And I hate when people say I'm love with you 
C                                  F 
I don't have a steady job or steady date 
G                                    C 
I just have a heart that you can take away 
A                             F 
I have no idea what I was feeling for so long 
G                           C 
Now I realize whith one more song 
F                           G 
This is just the way I feel or  
C                A                 F 
Just another song wich makes you smile, 
G               C 
For all night long 
G               F                         
Sometimes I dream with things that seems unreal 
      C                          G 
But when I wake up everthing is gone 
Sometimes I can reach the  sky  
And show for you where all my love come from 
Contribuição: Aline lopes([email protected])

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