No Thanx

I still cry for you(Chords)

No Thanx

Key: C

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C                 F 
you don't want my love  
                  G                C 
Now I got this pain growing in my heart  
C                F 
I tried to leave you behind  
                G                C 
but my empty life is tearing me apart 
C                   F          G                C 
everywhere I look around i can see your smiling face 
C                   F          G                 C 
I still try and I try and I try to give all my love to you 
F          G               C                A 
lonely, lonely nights, everthing its gonna be allright 
F         G         C 
but I still cry for you 
A                      G 
I dont know exactly how you look today 
I dont know exactly how you remember me 
F          G             C 
And I guess I'll  never know 
Contribuição: Aline lopes([email protected])

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