No Justice

Feels Like Rain(Chords)

No Justice

Key: G

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G Em C D  
G                        Em                                              C  
 Pulled in the driveway, Night wasn?t really going my way. There was something in the air that  
                     D  G                      Em                                      C  
didn?t seem right to me. Note on my front door, like all those times before, she said I?m headed  
south, taking the road my way. 
        Em                     C               G                                          Em 
And I swore I coulda seen it comin?. All the signs right in front of my face, oh the next ten  
              C                  D                   Em                C                     G  
weeks on the road never be the same. Cause there be nobody waitin? at home for me. Just two white  
                           Em      D                   C           Em      D             
lines and a memory, and I swear tonight it feels like rain. Oh tonight, I swear it feels like  
   C                                  G (intro) 
rain. Oh tonight let the rain come down. 
G                            Em                                   C                       D 
 Staring at four white walls, bottle in my hand. Shouldn?t been gone, time to leave the scene.  
G                              Em                             C                
Yellow tape from tree to tree, got away with my old TV and I swore I never knew the woman would  
turn out,   well so damn mean. 
                        Em                        C                           D  
Oh let the rain come down, oh let the rain come down. Oh it?s comin? down on me. Yeah the rain?s  
                 G,Em,C,D (fades out) 
coming down on me.

Written by Tony Payne/Steven D. Rice

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