Nikki Fletcher

Glorious Redeemer(Chords)

Nikki Fletcher

Key: E

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  E                         B/D# 
I love You with all my heart 
trust You with all I have 
           E/G#   F#m 
for You hold the heavens 
       E/G#            Bsus  B 
and earth in Your hands 
       C#m                E 
You died on a cross for me 
took all my sin and shame 
         E/G#  F#m 
Your name is Holy 
   E/G#               Bsus 
exalted above all else 
E Glorious Redeemer F#m You have paid for my life E You have gone before me A B now I walk by Your side E I lift my hands to You Lord A B for You are worthy of all praise C#m B A Jesus Reigns E Jesus Reigns
Bridge: A B E/G# A One thing I ask A B that I may dwell in E/G# A Your house forever (repeat) 2005 cccworships (a div. of Christian City Church, Sydney, Australia) All rights reserved. International copyright secured.
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