Nickel Creek

House Carpenter(Chords)

Nickel Creek

Key: Em

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Capo on 2nd fret
Intro Em D Bm C D 
All mandolin breaks in the song follow the same  
chords as verse. 
Well Met, Well Met, Said an old true love. 
Well Met, Well Met, Said He 
                          D         Bm             C                       
I just returned from the salt, salt sea. And it's all for 
      D       Em 
the love of thee. 
Come In, Come in, My Own true love  
and have a seat by me 
                              D          Bm          C 
It's been three-fourths of a long, long year since together 
D        Em 
we have been 
I can't come in and I can't sit down,  
for I've only a moment's time. 
                               D        Bm            C 
They say you're married to a house capenter and your heart  
       D       Em 
will never be mine 
I could've married the king's daughter fair 
And she would've married me. 
                          D        Bm             C 
But I have forsaken her crowns of gold, and it's all for  
      D       Em 
the love of thee 
Now will you forsake your house carpenter, 
And go along with me? 
                         D           Bm           C 
I'll take you wher the grass grows green on the banks of the  
D          Em 
deep blue sea. 
Then she picked up her darling little babe  
and kisses she gave it three. 
                              D           Bm         C 
Saying stay right here you darling little babe, and keep  
           D    Em 
your papa company. 
They had not been on the ship two weeks 
I'm sure it was not three. 
                               D          Bm             C 
'Til this true love began to weep and to mourn and she wept 
     D      Em 
most bitterly. 
Saying are you weeping for my silver and my gold? 
Saying are you weeping for my store? 
                              D         Bm          C 
Or are you weeping for your house carpenter, whose face  
              D       Em 
you'll never see no more? 
I am not weeping for your silver and your gold. 
I am not weeping for your store. 
                            D           Bm         C 
No, I am weeping for my darling little babe whose face i'll 
       D       Em 
never see no more 
A curse, a curse to the sailor she cried.   
A curse, A Curse she swore. 
                      D            Bm          C 
You robbed me of my darling little babe. That I shall never 
D        Em 
see no more. 
They had not been on the ship three weeks.   
I'm sure is was not four.   
                                D            Bm       C 
When there came a leak in the bottem of the ship and sank 
            D       Em 
the for to rise no more.  


Written by Traditional

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