Natalie Grant


Natalie Grant

Key: Am
Intro:  Am G Fmaj7 x2  

Am 	         G		             F	  
How did you know  That I'm all alone today  

Am                G                            Em      F  
Oh I feel so scared And I want to go away  

Dm             C           G  
I bleed so deep underneath  My soul is screaming  


C G Em F I'm not gonna hide I'm not gonna run away C G Em F I'll uncover the scars And show you every mistake Am G F C Your love has mended my blisters And my bruising shame C G F Here with you I am safe
Am G F Drowning the tears Won't make it go away Am G Em F It's robbing my soul I'm taking this mask off my face Dm Am G To discover love And uncover all It means to live and breathe {Chorus} Am C Dm (C,G/B,Am) You've uncovered and I've discovered I am not afraid Am C Dm (F,G,Am) But when we're hiding we're only fighting Am To be sane {Chorus}

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