Natalie Grant

Burn Bright(Chords)

Natalie Grant

Key: Em


Em  C  G  D 

verse 1: 

Lately I don't  
Recognize you 
The fire in your eyes  
Is fading into embers 
So while you're out there 
In the darkness 
G                     D 
I'm praying you'll remember 

G You were made to shine D You were made for life Em Even if you've lost your way C Turn and you will hear Love say Bm You were made for more D So much more Em Child of everlasting Light C Made to blaze away the night G D So baby burn bright Em C Burn bright
verse 2: Em You can rise up C From the ashes G Make something beautiful D Of all the broken pieces Em And I'm believing C You'll come running G D Into the arms of Jesus Repeat Chorus Bridge: Am G/B There will always be D Some-body in the dark Am G/B Ready to rain down D On your last spark Am G/B Trying to blow out D Your flame again C They will do it if you let them Am Em C Oh, so don't you let them Repeat Chorus Coda: G D Oh, burn bright Em C Oh, burn bright Em C I'm believing you'll come running C Into the arms of Jesus

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