Nanci Griffith

If I Were A Child(Chords)

Nanci Griffith

Key: G
G       D       C 
G       D       C 

G               D               C       G 
Sunday morning hell, it's finally come 
        D               C 
Washed these bleary eyed windows just to see the sun 
G       Em              A 
And I keep on thinking it will pass some time 
C                       D 
Bring back the peace of mind and carry that old smile of mine 

C G EM If I were a child I would cry and beg your pardon C D G EM C If I were a beggar I would hold out my hand D G EM C If I were an angel I would smile and say you owe me D C G But I am just a lady you never tried to understand
G D C G Why am I so cold inside today D C These home town streets look so dirty and gray G Em A And I don't want to save it until the night rolls in C G Do you feel the pain my friend? C D Well it's alright (Chorus) Bridge: G D C G D C G D C Those old morning after blues go a hold of me G D C I'm a Saturday night drunk with no place to drink G Em A And I don't want to face the truth I see in me C D G C 'Cause in my mind I already going home to Satan (Chorus) D C G D I am just a lady I've tried so hard to understand.

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