Nanci Griffith

I Wish It Would Rain(Chords)

Nanci Griffith

Key: G
G C G Oh, I wish it would rain and wash my face clean. D I want to find some dark clouds to hide in here. G C G Oh, love in a memory sparkles like diamonds. D Em C When the diamonds fall they burn like tears, G D G When the diamonds fall, they burn like tears.
G C D Em G Once I had a love from the Georgia pines who only cared for me. C G Em D I want to find that love of twenty-two here at thirty-three. G C G D Em I got a heart on my right and one on my left but neither suits my needs, C G C G D G 'cause the one I love is way out west and he never will need me. Chorus G C G I'm gonna pack up my two-steppin' shoes D Em and head for the Gulf Coast plains. C G C G I want to walk the streets of my old hometown Em D Where everybody knows my name. G C G I'm gonna ride the train down to Galveston D Em When the hurricanes blow in, C G C G 'cause that Gulf Coast water tastes sweet as wine Em D G when your heart's blowing home in the wind. (Chorus)

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