Nanci Griffith

Goin' Back To Georgia(Chords)

Nanci Griffith

Key: E
         E    A     E    A    B7   B7    E    B7 
            E               A        
Oh the city snow makes your brown eyes shine 
            E                        A 
We've gotta look real hard to find a reason to cry 
B7                                              E         B7 
New York, New York is a friend to the traveling kind 
               E                 A   
And I'm coming around from years of hard times 
            E                         A 
He's chased me down through the towns and the miles  
B7                                           E         B7 
Once stilled by love he was bound to roll on by 
A E A E And if you feel my love won't leave you Dbm A B And if your sorrow - has been your share E A E A E If you are traveling - back to Georgia B7 (no chord) E Won't you take - me with you there
***Instrumental: E A E A B7 B7 E B7 (male) E A Well I'm long gone darling, lonesome blue E A I been thinking of leaving, I been thinking of you B7 E B7 But that big city singing, man I like the way that it shines E A Iwas half a mile from Canada waiting on a train E A Wondering and wishing I could disappear again B7 E B7 I been killed by love still it takes me to the end of the line -CHORUS- (female) E A I've been troubled by a love untrue E A Its a fool who will drown in his fountain of youth B7 E B7 I can see that now as I'm walking and talking with you (male) E A I been blinded by the sun, wasted in the rain E A Scattered in America, and I'm scatterin' again B7 E B7 But if you're going south darling, I guess I'm traveling with you ***CHORUS 2xs and fade out***

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