Nanci Griffith

Friend Out In The Madness(Chords)

Nanci Griffith

Key: G

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	        G          D                   C                  Am 
I am not a child, though you treat me as you've always seen me 
C                                                D 
You never saw the changes in a heart grown old and wise 
G                           D          C               Am         
Hey, it's good to see you smile, it's been so long between the pages 
C                                                   D 
Wheels out on the highway, seem to laugh between my lines. 

G D C Do you still want to know where does the love go when it dies? G Hey I want you to know Em C Am love never dies it is sheltered here very safe inside F C D and it's left you with a friend out in the madness
G D And you say you love me still C Am how your soul does change and your heart still ponders C D How I could grow fonder of a life out on my own G D C Am I still sing the harmony, I'll have another wine and toast this madness C D I'll howl out at your moon on my way home alone Chorus twice

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