Nanci Griffith

Drive In Movies(Chords)

Nanci Griffith

Key: F
F               Bb 
Sister had a crystal voice 
             F                Bb 
She played a Silvertone from Montgomery Ward 
F              Bb 
Baez songs and Monroe hair 
     F                         Bb 
She sure could turn the boy's heads to stare 
  Am               Dm 
Swim wear saunter, tan and haunt them 
        Bb                 C 
That's all she learned in school 
Am                  Dm 
Books were for the other girls 
          Bb               C 
And the other girls were fools 
Bb              C 
Texas back in '69 
      Dm       C             Bb 
Was drive-in movies and dashboard lights 
F                    Bb 
Father waltzed her down the aisle 
     F              Bb  

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