Nanci Griffith

Across The Great Divide(Chords)

Nanci Griffith

Key: A
A                        D      A   
I've been walking in my sleep   
                F#m                                D   
Counting troubles 'stead of counting sheep.   
                 A                      F#m   
Where the years went I can't say.   
           D                                  E        A   
I just turned around and they're gone away.  
A                         D              A   
I've been sifting through the layers   
               F#m                  D   
Of dusty books and faded papers   
                 A                  F#m   
That tell a story I used to know,   
                                 D              E       A   
And it was one that happened so long ago.  
A D A It's gone away in yesterday, F#m D Now I find myself on the mountainside A E F#m A Where the rivers change direction D E A Across the Great Divide.
A D A Now I heard the owl callin' F#m D Softly, as the night was fallin', A F#m With a question, and I replied, D E A But he's gone across the borderline. Chorus: 'He's gone away, .... .') A D A The finest hour that I have seen F#m D Is the one that comes between A F#m The edge of night and the break of day. D E A It's when the darkness rolls away. Chorus twice, Tag: A F#m A D E A Where the rivers change direction across the Great Divide.

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